Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I've mentioned Minecraft before back in June and how my kids are in love with the game.  Well things haven't changed nor have they died down.  Minecraft is still a huge part of our lives.  (Pretty much all of our daily "screen time" is devoted to playing it on the iPADs or Computer.  (Remember screen time?)

Tyler was delighted to find a Minecraft Creeper for sale on eBay and had to have it.  ...even if it had to be shipped from China...

The Creeper finally arrived today (after a long 3-week journey across the globe) accompanied by a sweet note.

(we'll be sure to give the seller a 9-10 score)  =)

Once Tyler freed the Creeper from its packaging ("parcel") it did not leave his sight.
It played Legos.

It ate dinner with us.
(grilled cheese sandwiches, crackers and tomato soup)

It helped Tyler read his book, Sam and the Firefly.
(love that book!)

We interrupt this Creeper show (because Lauren demanded a picture too) to bring you a photo of Yoshi reading Charlotte's Web to two baby Yoshis.
(We are all about the video game stuffed animals in this house!)

Now back to more (Tyler requested) Creeper pictures.
its backside

its legs

a close-up

with a hammer and a shield

now with a pickaxe
(I've never been able to get the boy to pose for so many pictures!)

Surprisingly, he opted not to take the Creeper to bed with him.
Instead, he tucked the green guy in with Pikachu, a red Angry Bird, a Super Mario mystery box and Toad, a Fruit Ninja bomb and a build-a-bear-dog-from-Canada.

(I wasn't lying when I said we were all about the video game stuffed animals!!)
Good Night All


brian said...

that's a good lookin creeper.

Gloria said...

So Tyler finally got his "bomb". We couldn't figure out what in the world it was when it went on his birthday list.