Monday, August 27, 2012


The other day I looked out my window and saw some WILDLIFE.
I did not like the way they flanked my Tomato Plants.

Check out the nerve of "Bambi!"
(I have some netting thrown over the tomatoes and that seemed to ward her off.)
Her and her family did, however, eat all of the mushrooms that popped up with the overnight rain.

Back in the house Chloe lives the WILD LIFE herself.
She spends the mornings on the sofa...
(Her and I watch the first hour of GMA together.)

When I head to the gym she makes her way to the sunny spot in the playroom.
(Her nights are spent sleeping on my side of the bed)

I also have a few WILD moments myself.
Namely, Thursday morning's at the Pool.
I meet up with a bunch of friends and we go WILD? swimming and chatting with each other.

And of course, Tyler and Lauren are still WILD about Minecraft.
They like to spend their screen time watching Minecraft videos on YouTube.
Tyler showed me a video today about Minecraft at School.

This evening I went silently WILD when I full-fledgedly grabbed the handle of a pot that just came out of a 450 degree oven...(with my Bare Hand.)  I've got blisters folks.
Before grabbing the handle of said pot I told myself NOT TO because it was HOT.
At least the Risotto With Shrimp and Spinach turned out okay when I was finally able to serve it up.

We're just living the WILD LIFE lately.

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