Monday, August 13, 2012

These Days and Times

I've been keeping my eyes and ears open for new blogging material.  It's been a few days and there hasn't been much to blab about.  However, I know our family (especially my brother Brian) won't wait long before they start calling, texting, e-mailing and posting on former blog posts that 'It's About Time!' I blogged again.

So, I was delighted this afternoon when Lauren and Tyler brought home some interesting information about school in These Days and Times.

But first I need to share that I'm writing this post on our brand new computer.  Last Friday and Saturday were "Sales Tax FREE" days in Georgia so we bought a (very much needed) new computer and also a new fancy printer/scanner.  This is my first post on the 27" screen.

The kids were beyond excited over the new computer once they saw the size and durability of the BOX.
Lauren is trapped inside.

So...this afternoon after we did our monstrous amount of Monday homework I asked the kids about their school day.  They both said their teachers went over the different Codes.  Apparently in These Days and Times school wide Codes are needed for safety.  They told me there are FOUR different codes that if needed will be announced over the loud speaker.

(all codes were explained by Lauren)

Code RED:  "If a crazy person comes in the school everybody has to shut the blinds, windows, and lock the doors and turn the lights off and hide in the classroom.  If someone is in the hallway during a Code RED they have to go to the closest class."
(How sad that in These Days and Times this needs to be discussed in Elementary School. ...but we know from watching the news that it does....)

Code YELLOW:  "Just to make sure everyone is still there."  I asked Lauren more questions and it seems this code is used if a child is thought to be missing from the school campus.

Code BLUE:  "It means someone is hurt and it includes the ambulance bus."  Lauren said a Code Blue was called last year when a classmate of hers had to get stitches after an accident on the playground.

Code GREEN:  "Everything is fine."  This is probably announced after a previous Code has been neutralized.

I was very surprised and slightly saddened that the school had these various codes.  I wonder if this is a Georgia thing or if this is more of a national warning system.  Either way it's a sign of These Days and Times.  I may just be getting old but it seems things sure have changed since I was in school...back in the good old days....
Now get off my lawn.

Oh WAIT!  Lauren had more to tell me than just the Codes.  She jumped right into the following conversation which was too awesome not to post.
L:  Remember Uncle Brian from Oregon?
Me: Yes.
L:  Does he have a girlfriend yet?
Me: I don't think so.
L:  When is he going to get married?
Me:  I'm not sure.
L:  How old is he?
Me: 26
L:  How old were you when you got married?
Me: 24
L:  He should really get married.

Ha Ha Ha.  You can't make this stuff up.
Let's go Brian...Lauren's obviously waiting.  =)


Gloria said...

Brian, the ball's in your court.

brian said...

Tell Lauren Uncle Brian isn't ready to stop having fun and give away half of everything he owns.

Christine said...

Oh Brian. You get more than you ever give. Just ask Matt! (He better agree with me or else.) =)