Sunday, August 19, 2012

Big Boy, Big New Smile

Tyler lost his first top tooth this evening.
(his third tooth ever)

The tooth has been beyond loose for weeks now and he's been begging Matt and I to pull it out for him.
I refused to do it for two reasons:  #1. Ewww  #2. I don't want his little boy smile to change. (EVER)
However, his Daddy felt it was time.

After a couple of tearful yanks the loose tooth was OUT.
(Did you hear that tooth fairy?)

Way to go "tough-guy" Tyler!

(I know the grown-up teeth are coming but just remember, you will always be my little boy!)


Gloria said...

The tooth fairy better be really good to a boy that good looking. Way to go Tyler!
Love Grammy

brian said...

Time to pony up, tooth fairy. In the words of my boy Randy Moss "Straight Cash Homey".

Anonymous said...

So did the tooth fairy come? I'm just late in reading blogs. Way to go Tyler. Hope the tooth fairy was generous!