Sunday, December 18, 2011

Whirlwind of a Weekend

I'm glad Christmas break is only three school days away because this has been a whirlwind of a weekend.

Tyler had his school Christmas party.  We had brunch, decorated cookies, us parents chatted and the kids danced and acted crazy until the teachers had enough and quickly, yet politely told us parents to GO.  A successful Christmas party in my book.

Friday night I had neighbor Miss Shirline come over to baby-sit the kids.  (Miss Shirline, her sister and parents moved into Lea's old house.)  After she was settled in I drove into Atlanta (let it be known I despise driving in Atlanta) met Matt at his office and then we went to dinner at Kyma for his office Christmas party.  (His office consists of himself and one other employee so it was a fun and relaxed dinner with just the four of us...John and his wife Mary, Matt and I.)  You can't really tell but I dressed up for the occasion.  Here's a head shot.

We slept in until 9:15.  That was a first! (since having kids)  Then it was off to Walmart to grab a few things (omg...Do Not Go To Walmart the weekend before Christmas.  MaDnEsS!) and then basketball.  Lauren and Tyler both won their games or maybe they didn't...they don't keep score but they both had a F-U-N!  In the middle of Lauren's game Tyler and I had to leave so we could make it to a classmates birthday party.  It was a fun party with a scavenger hunt, rolling contest (with toilet paper,) pinata and of course, cake and ice-cream.  We had a chilly good time.
 When we got home from the party I found these waiting for me.
Matt had said he was craving Lobster Bisque and I told him I would make it for him.  All he had to do was find me some cooked canned or frozen lobster.  Well he couldn't find that so I had to learn how to make Lobster Bisque from fresh Cold Water Lobster Tails.  This YouTube video helped a lot.  I completely forgot to take a picture of the finished product but it was Perfect (Matt's words.)  I used this simple recipe.

I did my usual (the family knows not to bother me)  1. Read the AJC (newspaper) front to back.  2. Cut coupons  3. Prepared my weekly menu and grocery list.

While I did that Matt took pictures of our Christmas tree.

One of these things is not like the others.  Can you see it?

Chloe's eye shines in this one.
The crazy cat is obsessed with the tree.

Sunday 1pm:
FOOTBALL!  Matt and his friends headed down to the basement for the rest of the afternoon and Lauren and Tyler played with any kids who accompanied their football watching parents.  

Lauren and Tera reluctantly smile for me below.
Tyler and big Tyler are up to no good (I'm sure) out of sight.

While the kids played I prepared dinner (Jambalaya) and also my healthy lunches for the next week.  I've been watching what I eat lately since my original plan of exercising like crazy but also eating that way was not helping me lose weight.  Next weeks lunches will consist partly of Cheesy Cauliflower soup.  (despite the name it's really tasty!)

On a positive note...After two weeks of watching what I ate,  I wore a size 8 jeans today.  (yeah!)

Monday will be here soon enough so I better get a move on.  It's been a Whirlwind of a Weekend and now it's time to relax with some T.V. time (the Season Finale of Survivor.  Go Team Ozzie.)

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