Sunday, December 11, 2011

a Proper playroom table

When Grammy visited last month she spent a lot of time playing Legos in the playroom.  

After many hours in the playroom and many Lego masterpieces she decided the tables they used were quite inadequate and very much outdated.
(the old train table & a plastic Ikea kids table with a blanket over it)

Next she took to the Internet to do some research for a Proper playroom table.
It wasn't long after she left for home when boxes started showing up at our door-step.
(for a grand total of 8!)

Slowly but surely we Matt started to put the pieces together.

And today (before football started) Matt finished and L and T immediately started to enjoy the new 
Proper playroom table.

 Even Chloe likes it.

Then it was out with the old and in with the new.
(Anyone (local) want to buy a train table & a bunch Thomas the trains?  Let me know.)

Legos now have their own bins!

.  A Proper playroom table that looks amazing in there!
Many memories will be made with this new table.
Thanks Grammy (and GG and everyone else who unknowingly took part in the purchase!!)  

Our playroom looks so sophisticated now.
(and Lauren can't help but pose like a princess anytime a camera is around)


Gloria said...

The table looks nice. Do the bins not fit under the table with the chairs? - or maybe it's handier that way to get at the Lego's. Certainly a Proper playroom now.

Ellen said...

Wow! They look amazing! Who knew a playroom could look so good.