Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Prep and Landing (part one)

Christmas Prep

I want my children to grow up to have wonderful childhood Christmas memories.

Maybe it is because we live so far away from any family but every Christmas I worry I'm not doing enough to instill those memories.

I do have some "traditions" that we tend to do every year...
and this year was no different.

We prepped for Santa by making: 

and baking:

and preparing:

(we also made Cinnabon for the bread machine Cinnamon Rolls and frosting - not pictured)

Christmas Prep:  Accomplished

(We may eventually outgrow some of these "traditions" so I'm anxious to hear new ideas.)

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Gloria said...

I love your Christmas traditions. They may eventually outgrow a couple of them - or maybe not. The "magic" of Christmas is fun even for the adults. You are making so many wonderful memories - that's the coolest part.