Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Prep and Landing (part two)

Christmas Landing

We woke up Sunday morning to find Santa had paid us a visit.
This year he brought the usual stocking stuffers but also Razor scooters!

After we tore through Santa's gifts it was off  to the presents under the tree.
(clockwise:  Dippin Dots Maker, Ninjago Lego set (one of many), Angry Birds on Thin Ice, American Girl Doll Trundle Bed)

For the most part I really enjoyed watching L and T open their gifts but to be completely honest I did reach a point where I thought they were not especially appreciative.  If one opened a gift the other wanted than the other would pout.  If one perceived the other had more gifts than the one would throw a fit.  Perhaps it was because they were hungry (we had not eaten breakfast yet) or they were just being normal kids but I'm also thinking I went a little overboard on the gift giving. 

fun with presents 

(to be noted:  After breakfast it was a completely different story.  They spent the rest of the day and the following day playing with and appreciating all of their gifts.  I feel much better now but I think I will still try to scale it down next year.)

Not only did the children receive gifts but so did the rest of us.
Matt and his new frying pan and Chloe and her cat-nipped mice.

My new SodaStream is on the left and the blue rectangle next to my iPad is my new Jawbone Jambox wireless speaker.

Matt and I also got a new digital camera.  The Canon PowerShot SX230 HS.
Pictures should be spectacular from now on.

Maybe we all got a bit too much this Christmas but we sure did enjoy spending time together as a family.
In fact, Matt remarked today that he usually feels the evenings fly by when he gets home from work but the past two days have been very laid back and relaxing.

 Here are some more pictures of us enjoying our gifts and spending time as a family.
Lego Creations
Tyler's Alien ship and Lauren's house

modeling their new skull robe and PJs

Hot Wheels wall track and all our new video games.
(Wipeout for the Wii is trending as our family favorite)

Acrobatics with Daddy.

Christmas has Landed!

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Gloria said...

Looks like a very happy Christmas to me. Happy New Year to you all.