Saturday, December 10, 2011

Upward Basketball FUN

Today was our second Saturday of basketball games.  Wait, What?  I didn't even tell you L and T were playing basketball?  How could I let something so FUN slip past this blog?

Well...They practiced once a week in November and their games started the first week of December.
Our children (possibly? due to their Mom and Dad's genes) are not very aggressive nor super out-going.  Because of their personality style we chose the Upward program for basketball.  Upward is a Christ-based program which focuses more on teamwork and having fun than being the best and winning.  I think we made the right decision because after every practice and every game Lauren and Tyler have both said they had fun.  FUN!  I want them to play sports (because that is what I did growing up and it is good exercise) but mostly I want them to have FUN!  Well I won't just talk about it.  Let me show you video from their first basketball games ever.

Tyler:  Coach Matt (aka Daddy.)  Playing for the Lions.  Age:  Kindergarten
(I love that Matt is coaching because it reminds me of my Dad who coached just about every team my brothers and I ever played on.)

Tyler is the yellow #3 with the tie-dye undershirt.

Lauren:  Coach Tommy.  Playing for the Penguins.  Age:  1st and 2nd Grade
(Coach Tommy is wonderful!  He always and only points out the positive and he always has something positive to say.  Our Penguin girls are very blessed to have him as our coach.)

Lauren is the yellow #1 with the long-sleeved green undershirt.

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