Friday, December 9, 2011

Shrinky Dinks

Apparently these have been around forever but thanks to Grammy (via Uncle Kevin & Aunt Mili) we just discovered the wonderfulness of ShrinkyDinks.  If someone at ShrinkyDinks corporate wants to provide me with some free product I'll be glad to write a glowing review.  Oh wait...I guess I'm going to write that glowing review anyway.

While she was visiting Grammy ordered the kiddos the ShrinkyDinks Christmas Tree set.  It arrived after she left but upon arrival we got right to work.  First they colored the *dinks.  (*I made this word up.  I'm guessing that is what they are called before they are "shrinky'd")

 (still growing her bangs out)

colored *dinks waiting on non-stick tin foil for their visit to a 350 degree oven

Three minutes later they turn into ShrinkyDinks!
it's really cool!!

After they cooled I hooked them up and turned them into ornaments for the Shrinky Dink tree.  
Then Lauren and Tyler (well mostly Lauren) hung them on the tree.

Aren't they CUTE?!!

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