Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Post Christmas Miscellany

White Christmas's Rock.
Even though we didn't get "snow man" snow we did get "snow angel" snow. Don't tell Tyler but aren't they supposed to be made while on your back?

Even without proper snow gear (c'mon, why buy snow gear in Altanta?) L and T had a blast.

The snow is trying hard to stick around in the shady spots but with temps in the lower 50s today and for the rest of the week it doesn't really stand a chance.

Tyler and Lauren ease their disappointment in the melting snow with new Christmas PJs and white chocolate bars.

Since we're crazy we let them decorate their laptop computers.

Since we're not that crazy we bought them kitchen timers. They now get 30 minutes to play on their computers before they need to find a CREATIVE thing to play. (i.e. read books, color, play with their non-electric toys, or throw a complete fit ...(not that they've done that or anything...omg.))

Today the kiddos went across the street to play with Jake and Dylan. Since I had 4 hours to myself, I went shopping, of course. A Williams-Sonoma gift card was burning a hole in my pocket .

Here's what I came home with.
(thanks Jan and Michael!)

a magnetic drip stopper for my wine bottles

new kitchen towels

a lemon juicer
(which works great! by the way)

and some Silicone Ties which didn't get a close up picture.
Wow...if this LINK is in US Dollars than I got a GREAT deal. (Like over 95 percent off!)

I was going to post this blog entry from my brand spankin' new iPAD but after 30 seconds I just couldn't figure out how to do it. (i.e. how do I download the photos but not delete them from my card, how do I resize them, what do I do with them once they're downloaded etc. etc.)

30 seconds is pretty much the limit to my attention span.
I'll have to ask Matt.
(I'm pretty sure he likes to help me with these things.)

In the meantime if you want to play Scrabble or Words with Friends...look me up.

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