Thursday, December 2, 2010

Freddie Frog and some other Pics

It went from the comfortable 70s (degrees) to the wicked colds (highs below 50s) overnight. The house just can't heat up fast enough for Tyler so this is where he spends his mornings. (curled up in front of the heating vent in the kitchen.)
We got his soccer picture back the other day. Ain't he handsome?!
While Lauren was at school and Tyler took his afternoon nap I wrapped all the Christmas presents we had so far. The (fake) tree is already half full and December has just begun.
Lauren and Tyler were so excited to see all the presents. This is Tyler's first year of really understanding what Christmas is all about and also understanding that he gets to open A LOT of presents!
Yesterday, Tyler came home with Freddie Frog. He belongs to Tyler's Pre-K class but Freddie gets to spend the weekend with us and we get to write about his adventures. So far this is what we have.

Tyler wanted to show that he has more teeth than Freddie.
(take that froggie!)

Tyler's teacher asked for us to bring a couple of star fruit in for the class. But since they are out of season (and nowhere to be found) Tyler and I made our own "star fruit."
Seedless Watermelon and a Star Shaped cut-out

I should say Tyler, Froggie, and I made the star fruit.

Tyler told me to "garbage" this photo but I didn't.
(sorry Tyler)
Next it was computer time. Froggie manned/(frogged) the mouse while Tyler used the keyboard.
Then Froggie and Chloe took a quick nap on the newly wrapped Christmas presents.
Before long it was time for seasonal Egg Nog...
(which Tyler loves and Lauren sort-of likes)

and finally time to settle into bed.
Froggy said good-night to Chloe...

...and then snuggled into bed with Tyler.
Sweet Dreams you two.
Happy December!

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Gloria said...

Where are the boy's winter pj's. No wonder he is freezing. In the olden days (i.e. before time began) we had a big furnace grate above the oil furnace in the crawlspace. That was my favorite spot!