Sunday, December 12, 2010

"It's a rather blustery day."

It is freezing today. It's windy and there are snowflakes everywhere (except for on the ground.) As Pooh would say, "It's a rather blustery day."

Before we get to our blustery day...let's have a "look-see" at our un-blustery weekend.

Early Christmas Gifts:

an elf ornament

snowman stickers
Photography Lessons:
"smile SpongeBob"

"smile Momma"
Playing with Friends:

Aaron and the pink headphones

big brother Cole making funny faces

Daddy and Lauren
(I love this picture!)
It was a fun weekend but all good things must come to an end. Lauren ended the weekend with a bang...a blustery bang. She came down with a 102 degree temperature this afternoon.

I hope you feel better soon, sweet girl.

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Gloria said...

Poor Lauren - hope you are feeling better really soon.

I also love that picture. It is the picture equivalant of the words "happy childhood". If only every child were so lucky. Good job Mommy and Daddy.