Friday, December 17, 2010

Funky Friday

Hopefully today was Lauren's last "sick day" of the year. Her fever is now under 100 and her cold symptoms seem to be progressing and hopefully moving on. Her nose is stuffy, her throat is sore and her right eye is pink and goopy (yuck! eye is not my friend but at least I have some drops for it.)

She rested with her Cat Babies this afternoon.

Later in the afternoon
we noticed some birds hanging out on our back deck.
We decided to make them some food in case they were hungry.

We toasted some bread.
Painted it with egg wash.
And sprinkled on some bird food.

A couple of pipe cleaners later, we were ready to feed some birds.

We hung them up outside and waited and waited for the birds to come.

We haven't seen any yet but it is Friday night and I'm guessing they all already had plans.
Check out Lauren's swollen red eye and her chapped lips. My girl is pretty miserable but I'm sure she'll be feeling much better any day now.
For the record I wanted to mention a couple of the kiddos current favorites. (lest I forget)

Current Favorite Show: "Fetch with Ruff Ruffman." If you ask L and T however, they will tell you it is "Fetch with Ruff-Ruff Man."

Current Favorite Website: This is mostly Lauren's favorite but it is also Tyler's favorite because he wants to do whatever she does.

Happy Funky Friday Y'all. Stay Healthy.

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