Monday, January 24, 2011

Party Barn of a Weekend

(such a stretch for a title but I'm feeling unimaginative right now...sOrRy)

This was the weekend for birthday parties.

We went to two adult parties and one kid party. (Mr. Mike turned 40 by the way. Wow! my friends are getting old.) Many thanks to our two awesome baby-sitters. Unfortunately (or fortunately,) there are no pictures of the adult parties.

We do, however, have a couple pictures of Ian's Scooby Doo themed 5th birthday party. It was a big turnout and a lot of fun. I'm thinking we need to hire out Ian's parents to host our birthday parties.

Tyler and Daddy giggle over something

Lauren (on the right) is about to win the hands-free-fruit-roll-up-eating-contest.
That's my girl!
(birthday boy on the left with the not-so-hands-free approach...(busted))
Today I received something I purchased from Pottery Check the label for definitely says Pottery Barn.
I opened it up to find this packaging on the inside. Doesn't that say Williams-Sonoma?
I immediately tracked down Matt and interrupted whatever important thing he was doing. (preparing to take the recycling in)

Me: "Hey Matt, look at the packing inside the Pottery Barn box. I didn't know they were the same company?!
Matt: "Well, that makes perfect sense."
Me: "The excellent quality right?"
Matt: "No, they're both ridiculously expensive."

Bah Humbug!
I'm still waiting on one more box to arrive before I can complete my latest home improvement project. Until then you'll just have to admire these Pottery Barn/Williams Sonoma boxes.

And that's all ya get tonight. Happy Monday y'all.

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Gloria said...

Ooh - a mystery. I love mysteries. And for the record I'm with you on "excellent quality" - not to mention lots and lots of really cool stuff.