Thursday, January 13, 2011

Iced In 2011...continued

School has just been canceled for our County tomorrow (Friday.) This is Snow-Day Number-Five-in-a-Row. Gossip on Facebook tells me we aren't having school because the county won't pay for anyone to come de-ice the school parking lots. Shouldn't our children's education be a little higher up on the priority list? Go sprinkle some salt already.

I hope this doesn't affect our winter break in February. We are Savannah and St. Augustine bound so I'm not sure what I'll do if they decide to make up the snow days that week. Q: Do I feel a nasty (perhaps pretend) family sickness coming on in the near future? A: No way! There is a possibility that Lauren and/or Tyler's teacher may read this. A#2: You never know. =)

After being iced in the past few days we were excited to be invited to a friends house for an impromptu play-date. 5 Moms plus 9 kids equals a whole lot of fun. I wish I had my camera because the kiddos had a blast.

Soon after play-date #1 ended we came home to host play-date #2. Jake and Dylan came over to play. (This time I had my camera out.)

Dylan and Tyler played Kung Zhu together:
Tyler refused to smile but Dylan looked adorable as always:

Jake played Superman vs. Woody:
And then all of them actually played together. What a great group of kids:
Dinner tonight was a delicious Squash-and-Potato Soup from my latest "Every Day with Rachael Ray" magazine. You need to try this because even Matt asked me to make it again. His exact words, "You need to make this again when we have people over." If a guy EVER says this about SOUP than you really should make it again and often. I can't find the recipe on-line so if you don't get the Rachael Ray magazine and you want the recipe please e-mail me and I'll type it out for you.

Tonight's bedtime stories were from the kiddos' latest Highlights magazines. The Post Office is finally back in service and L and T were very excited to get some mail. We love us some Highlights.
I hope all you locals enjoy your Snow-Day Number-Five-in-a-Row and to everyone else: Happy Friday.


nicole. said...

Hmmm no school because of snow or furlough. I COMPLETELY understand. Amira has yet to attend a FULL (5 days) week of school since school started this year. its crazy. I cross my fingers every year we make more and more budget cuts that I live through them. You guys look great! Enjoy those snow days together ;)

Anonymous said...

I would like the recipe for the soup! I won't tell Michael. Grandma Jan