Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 Week One

After Two and a Half weeks off the kiddos went back to school. It's no fun to get up early again but I'm happy for the schedule. I seem to be more productive with a schedule.

Tyler was wiped out after his first day back.
It must have been a tough 3 hours!
Bless his little heart.

Lauren decompressed after her first day back with a little DS time.

This week Tyler learned about the letter "U." Every Friday they are supposed to bring in an item for Show and Tell which starts with the letter of the week. He chose not to bring in one of Lauren's Unicorns so all I could think of was the University of Georgia mascot "UGA."
This should not be interpreted as an endorsement of the Georgia Bulldogs.
OREGON DUCKS all the way!

It's been chilly here lately and this is Tyler's favorite way to get warm.
Hogging the Heater.
We may not get him to move from the heater in the next few days.
From what I hear all over the news and what is obvious from my trip to Walmart today:
A Snow Storm is Coming Our Way.

They (the people on TV) are talking 3-7 inches of snow and then a 1/2 inch of ice on top of it starting Sunday evening.
The empty milk and bread aisles at Walmart prove this is the real deal.
I have to admit I'm excited. I think it would be just perfect if we didn't have school on Tuesday next week. That way I could watch Oregon play in the National Championship Game and not worry about only getting a few hours of sleep.

On a somber note...
This week we lost a member of our family. After 91 years, Grammy (Matt's grandmother and L and T's great grandmother) moved on to a better place. She was an amazing, spunky, driving a Prius in her 80s, full of life woman.
We miss you Grammy.

(Here she is holding a 3 month old Lauren in 2004)


Anne C. said...

What about a UofO Duck???? Would that have worked for "U" day?
Sorry for your loss...grammy's are hard to lose...I've lost a lot:(

Gloria said...

So sorry to hear about Matt's grammy. I remember her fondly from your wedding. I hope I will be so lucky to be that active in my 80's.