Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 and Iced In

2011 and Iced In. Get it? It sort of rhymes? (or maybe it doesn't, I may just be delirious from too much time indoors.)

They just canceled school for tomorrow, Thursday. This will be the 4th snow day in a row for Lauren and Tyler. Even though I haven't been very productive these past three days (honestly, I've been down right LAZY) I still get excited over snow days. I think this comes from my childhood in Oregon. It never snowed much but when it did everything shut down...kind of like Atlanta. I don't remember getting FOUR snow days off in a row though. And I don't remember all the preparation and clean up it took to go play in the snow. ugh! (Am I just forgetful?)

The Ice-In, 2011 (does that sound better?) started like this:

Before any snow hit the ground school was canceled for Monday due to snow and ice in the forecast. Tera was over playing at the time so Lauren asked if she could spend the night.
While the kids all played together?...

the snow/ice started to accumulate.

The next morning the kids all played together some more:

Tyler played Angry Birds
((more about Angry Birds))

while Tera and Lauren played together? on their separate computers.

Finally we went outside to play with the neighbors.
It wasn't really snowman snow since it was mostly ice
but it was great for sledding behind a 4-wheeler.

They're ready to go.

Tera and Emma even took a spin.
(Lauren absolutely (wisely?) refused.)

There may have even been some golf cart sledding as well.

The boys are ready to go again.

That night we watched the BCS National Championship Game between the Oregon Ducks and some team from the SEC...Auburn maybe.
Even though my Ducks lost, there was not any love lost on my Ducks. It was a close game that kept me on the edge of my seat.
We'll be back next year I'm sure.
I was really happy for snow day #2 on Tuesday since the game went very late into Monday evening (darn Eastern time zone.)

The last two days have not been above freezing so we've just played inside and enjoyed family time together. Even Matt has been iced in with us because the entire city of Atlanta is ill-equipped to deal with snow and ice.

Even though the roads in my neck of the woods are completely clear and safe (we ventured out to gymnastics and Walmart today) tomorrow we'll make the most of our 4th and this-has-got-to-be the last snow day.

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brian said...

The Ice-In, 2011 sounds much better. Enjoy the snow!