Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Taekwondo Belt Test

Lauren and Tyler are still loving Taekwondo.
Remember their TKD beginnings on the blog?
Here and Here

Their confidence has improved ten-fold and I've noticed it in other areas besides the martial arts.
(i.e. swim lessons and simply playing with friends)

Last weekend they had their first belt test.
Lauren and Tyler are both white belts and they did their best testing to become a yellow belt.
Check them out in the front row.

I'm pretty sure they have their yellow belts in the bag.
The Belt Ceremony is on Friday when they will find out for sure.

Since we are in between the Belt Testing and the Belt Ceremony, the lessons this week are more fun and playful.  L and T had a lot of fun today.



What a fun lesson to watch.
Enjoy it with me...

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