Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer at the Pool

How cool would it be to spend an entire summer vacation at the pool?!
We are doing our best to find out.

School got out on Friday (before Memorial Day) at 2:30 and by 4 o'clock we were at the pool.


We just couldn't stay away!


Sunday going home
Lauren and Tyler take up the back end of the Denali and our neighbor friends ride home in the back of the pick-up.

This classic vehicle was parked next to us at the pool.
Toyota truck with a roll bar and a car seat up front.  Gotta love it.

Monday (Memorial Day)
Daddy threw Tyler and Tera into the air and I obviously wanted to show off my feet again.
(Lauren opted NOT to be catapulted.)


If we aren't at the pool you will find us at a nearby body of water:
Swim Lessons at the Y...

or on the Slip and Slide at home. 

However, you are most likely to find us at the pool!

How lucky are these kids to grow up in a neighborhood with a pool?!

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Gloria said...

I guess we will have to make our way to Splash while you are here.