Monday, June 2, 2014


I thought my next post would be about our non-stop trips to the pool but the kiddos (Lauren, Tyler and Tera) were so creative today making fake commercials that I wanted to share immediately.  

I'm pretty sure after I post this they will be discovered by Major Hollywood Types so I'd like to state (for the record) that I inspired their creativity by insisting they
Stop Playing Screen Time and Go Do Something Else.

Commercial Number One:

Tender Loving Care
The kiddos came up with a fictitious facility to send your sick and ailing.  Here is their commercial:

Send your loved ones at your own risk.  ;)

Commercial Number Two:

Play Fight: A Fake Wii Game
(which will not be found at Game Stop)

I love these kids and their creativity!
Don't tell them I posted their commercials on the blog because L and T insisted I only post the videos on my private YouTube and they went into more specifics, "Do not post ON THE BLOG."

Shhhh!!  I'm sure (surely hopeful) they'll forgive me in the future.

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Dyann said...

I hope to hell I never have to go to their Tender Loving Care facility. Pretty scary!!!
I love the Game Stop game as well but the first one was priceless!!
You are in so much trouble when they find