Thursday, March 6, 2014


When Upward Basketball ended I told Tyler to start thinking about what he wanted to do next for "exercise."  Somehow neither of my kids are super into sports but I insist they do something active to stay healthy.  Lauren likes Softball and plays in the Spring and Fall but Tyler does not care much for baseball.
He told me he would like to try "Karate" instead.

I checked with my circle of Mom friends and found big recommendations for a local Taekwondo studio. 

Last week we went to check it out.
Tyler got to try it for free and Lauren and I got to watch.
He had a great time which made me very happy.

What made me even HAPPIER was that after watching her brother, Lauren said she wanted to do Taekwondo as well.
(This girl NEVER volunteers to do things.)
I told her that was a great decision and I would sign her up at the next lesson.

It was only three days in between Taekwondo lessons but Lauren questioned her decision about 100 times.  "Will I like it?"  "I'll probably cry. Is that okay?" "Do you think I'll like it?"  "I still want to do it though."
My girl over-thinks (freaks out about) EVERYTHING.
(not unlike her Momma)

Yesterday was our next Taekwondo lesson.  Tyler's second and Lauren's first.
As she predicted, Lauren cried the first half of the lesson.
(Crying is her reaction to not knowing what to do....and also her reaction to just about everything.)

She muscled it out though and by the end was really enjoying herself.

When we got home she said she wished she could go to Taekwondo everyday.
That made me SO HAPPY to hear.

Our next lesson isn't until next Monday but both L and T are really looking forward to it.
Lauren did tell me she might cry a little at the next lesson but that doesn't mean she doesn't like it.
Good to know.

I think Taekwondo will be good for us.

Here's a video I took from Wednesday's lesson.  Enjoy.
(Tyler is in the green shirt and Lauren in the white.)

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Gloria said...

So glad to hear they are both doing this together. It might be just what Lauren needs to boost her confidence and help her be a little less sensitive. Although, I love that she is upfront about her sensitive nature and that she talks with you about it.