Friday, March 7, 2014

A Lenten Ta-Da Post

So this past Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, was the first day of Lent.  I grew up Baptist (sort of) and never had the obligation to observe Lent.  I still don't feel obligated but I thought as a Christian I would give it a shot this year.  My goal is small but a goal none the less.  I've decided to give up watching television while eating lunch.  Yes, this sounds small and ridiculous but it has become something worth giving up.  I watch TV while eating and then I wash my dishes and often times continue to watch TV.  
(while the household chores patiently wait)

I have also decided to organize/clean some part of my house each day.  As of today I have...
Wednesday:  cleaned out my gym drawer  (I got rid of workout clothes I don't wear and organized the ones I do)
Thursday:  cleaned and organized 4 out of 5 bathrooms in the house
Friday:  cleaned out the pantry including the children's candy dish  (Some candy thrown out was from Halloween!!)

As a stay at home Mom I often feel my "To-Do" list should be easy "to-do" but often times I feel I just can't get through my daily "to-dos". Instead of focusing on my  "To-Do" list today I thought I'd  focus on my  "Ta-Da" list.

Things I accomplished (Ta-Da!) today:
*got both kids fed and ready for school
*gym for 2 hours
*prepared slow-cooker meal for dinner
*lunch with friends
*shopped for groceries
*picked-up dry-cleaning
*saw kids home from school
*organized pantry
*served dinner
*family time
*tucked kids into bed

Ta-Da!  and Happy Lent.

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