Saturday, March 15, 2014

Date Night at the Gun Range

Date Night at the Gun Range

It has been awhile since I've shot a gun so Matt wanted to take me out to the gun range to get some practice.
I'm terrified of guns but he promised me dinner afterwards so I agreed to go.
Don't tell but, I may have had a little fun and just may be a decent shot!

He brought five different guns to shoot.
(Don't worry we keep the guns locked up in a safe and the ammunition locked up in another safe...except for the one gun we keep loaded in yet a different safe by the bed in case of an emergency.)

Matt went first.

(gun-range selfie)

Then it was my turn.
I decided I liked the Revolver best.
And I'm definitely a LEFT-HANDED shooter.

Between Matt and I, Mr. Pink Man didn't stand a chance.

As promised, Matt took me to dinner afterwards.
We went to a new restaurant on the square.
(It was DELISH and I can't wait to go back.)

It's been a few days since my Date Night at the Gun Range but look what I found in my purse tonight.
It must have landed in there while we were shooting.
(hashtag) feelinghardcore

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