Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lauren's In The Art of It Birthday Party

This past Saturday was Lauren's birthday party with her friends.

Even before the party, Lauren's day started off great with a Falcon's softball win!
This was her first Spring softball game and our first win since moving up to 10-U (girl pitch) last fall.
Way to go Falcons!
(here they are shaking/high-fiving hands with the other team after the game)

 Later in the day Lauren and her friends celebrated her 10th birthday at In the Art of It.
(a nearby art studio)

Lauren chose the Panda to be the artwork theme.

Everyone was given an outline of the panda but they were encouraged to paint it however they chose.

Artists hard at work.

After a little prodding Tyler decided he wanted to paint as well....but not a panda.
Can you tell what he is working on?

It's Pikachu of course!
(Daddy penciled the outline for him from a picture on his phone.)

Putting the final touches on her panda.

After we were done painting it was time for cake (cookie cake) and ice-cream.
 It's hard to tell but Lauren chose a white cat with blue eyes and a red bow for her cookie.  It also says Happy Birthday Lauren.
(I don't think Tera wanted to be in the picture.)

After the cookie cake, we opened presents and then everyone lined up with their artwork for a group photo.
Pikachu and the Pandas!

What a good looking group of creative Pandas and their Artists too!
Well done girls! (and boy!)

 Back home:
Close-up of Lauren and Tyler's artwork.

Lauren was overly excited about all of her presents. 
Right after this picture she put on her new outfit and the next day she spent her birthday money and gift cards at Justice.  She's one very thankful 10-year-old!

What a fun and memorable day!

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