Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Weekend Trip to Pigeon Forge

In March, we took a weekend trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.
Since I'm preparing for our next trip (a Momma and kids-only trip to Miramar Beach, Florida) I figure I'd better get the TN trip documented on the family blog.

 Pigeon Forge was a planned boy-scout field trip to MagiQuest which we expanded into a great little family vacation.

I didn't actually document all of our check-in destinations on Facebook (How annoying would that have been?!) but I did take screen shots to help me remember where we were.

 After a late start, two hours in awesome Atlanta stop and go traffic, we finally arrived at the Hampton Inn in Pigeon Forge.

The next morning we hit the pool right after the complimentary breakfast.
We had the whole thing to ourselves.
(It wasn't quite warm enough for myself so I chose to take the pictures.)

It was cold outside but that was where the hot tub was.
And where the hot tub is...we go!
The sun was too bright to open their eyes.

A better angle

This was a brand new Hampton Inn and come summer time the awesome pool(s) will be greatly enjoyed.

For lunch we headed to The Island for some food and fun.  The Island is a new addition to Pigeon Forge and as it grows it will only get better.  Definitely check it out.

Me: "Smile Kids"
Them:  Oh look a Squirrel or some flashing light.

We loved ourselves some WHEEL!

 It took us way up high!

 Back on the ground we made our way to the Carousel.

Later we headed back to the hotel for some
and lots of NAPPING and SCREEN TIME.

Finally it was MagiQuest time.
What an awesome adventure.  L and T had a blast and we all got a ton of exercise walking all over the place.  We could have stayed there all night long easily.  I can't wait to further our quest.

L and T with their wands.
(I'm the shadow taking their picture.)

On Sunday, before we headed home we stopped by the newest attraction in Pigeon Forge.
This was awesome!
You go up the mountain and then coast back down.

Daddy and T are READY!!

 L and Momma are ready to go. 

We loved this ride so much that L and T begged to go again and we did!

Ride with us!

After the Alpine Coaster we made our way home over the Smoky Mountains.
What a beautiful view we enjoyed.

As tradition has it we always take a picture at the state line sign.
It was C-O-L-D and Windy!

The Land of Diversity was the Land of Fog on this trip!

We continued on down the mountain and for lunch we chose the Cherokee Casino.
I can't wait to come back here alone with Matt.

We finally made it back home home from our Awesome Weekend Away.
 Apparently the cat's missed us and  took matters into their own hands.

At least they didn't get hungry. ;)

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