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Momma and Kiddo Spring Break 2014 - Miramar Beach, FL

 Originally, we weren't going to go anywhere for Spring Break but when I found out Matt had to go to Texas for work I thought it would be fun for the kids and I to take a road trip.
I got on the Internet and booked a condo for three nights at Seascape in Miramar Beach, Florida. 

Immediately after booking the room I felt anxious.  What if something goes wrong?  Matt is such a responsible and capable guy that whenever we vacation I always sit back and let him do it all.  I let him make the reservations, load up the car, drive the entire way, check us in, unload our luggage and bring it up to the room.
My job is to pack up the kitchen stuff and to look pretty.

What if something were to go wrong on the trip?  How would I handle it?
Despite the nerves I am SO GLAD I did this.  Nothing went wrong that I couldn't easily handle and the whole thing was a piece of cake.  The kids were super helpful and obedient and even the 5 1/2 hour drive wasn't that bad.
I proved to myself that I am pretty capable as well.
I told Matt that I should vacation with the kids more often and maybe he should get a second job to fund our trips.
(Calm down y'all I'm just KIDDING!!!)

Anyway here's a recap of our Momma and Kiddos Spring Break Vacation.

Day One
Loaded up and ready to go.

Whenever we go to the Gulf Coast I always try to plan our departure time so it lands us at River City BBQ in Eufaula, AL near lunchtime.  They have the best BBQ.  I love their BBQ chicken wraps, Lauren loves the ribs and Tyler is a huge fan of their grilled cheese.  On your next trip to the Gulf Coast you need to check this dive out.
(I didn't really check-in on FB...just documented.)

A few hours later we arrived at our condo.
Ariel Dunes 2 #1205
(1 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, bunk beds in the hallway for L and T)

Our gulf and pool view from the balcony.
(The beach-front Majestic Sun building was booked full so we had to stay in the high-rise Ariel Dunes 2.  It was a little walk to the beach but nothing we couldn't handle.)

 After we checked in we got everything unpacked and made ourselves at home.
Lauren was in charge of filling up the "plate of happiness."

Once we were settled we made a quick trip to Publix to buy some food for the weekend.
(We only ate out twice while we were here which includes our lunch at River City BBQ.)

Day One Dinner

We took a picture at the kitchen table/bar but...

...once we realized Survivor was on we quickly moved dinner to the living room.
Hey we're on vacation, we can watch TV while we eat and we can eat wherever we want to.

After dinner we took a little walk on the beach.
My iPhone really rocks the night pictures doesn't it? (sarcasm)

Back at the condo we stayed up as late as we could milking the unlimited screen-time.
(Feel free to caption Lauren's expression in the comments.)

Finally it was teeth brushing and...

Good Night sweet children.

 Day Two 
Bacon, Blueberry Muffins and Applesauce for breakfast.
(L and T's coffee cups are filled with milk.)

After breakfast we hit up the outlet mall for some shopping.  I got the kids to go along by promising them I'd buy them stuff.
Before we left Matt said to "have fun and spend some money."
Ten-Four =)

After lunch at the condo, it was finally BEACH TIME
(Look I really was there)

Spring  Break brings quite the eclectic group of vacationers to the beach.
You pretty much see all walks of life.

The sun was shining and the temps were in the mid 70s.
A little chilly for me to get in the water but L and T didn't mind at all.
We had a lot of fun and we're at the beach for hours.

Before heading into the condo we washed the sand off at the Surf Splash.
You stand in the middle of the platform and a mist of water sprays the sand off your legs.
We may have spent a good 30 minutes playing here. (wink)

Once in the condo we cleaned up and headed to dinner at Tommy Bahama.
 The food and drinks, especially my fish tacos, were really good.
Pics include my faux check-in, Lauren's "Faux-jito (virgin Mojito) and L looking beachy reading a book after dinner.

Day Three
Oatmeal, Toast and left-over bacon for breakfast.

Morning walk on the beach.
I told them to put their swim suits on if they were going to get wet.
They both said no and they both ended up getting wet.
 Oh well, they had fun.

Beach Fun Video

That afternoon we spent some time at the pool.  The pool was unheated and it was a bit windy so there was not much swimming. There was a low key water fight though.

Low Key Water Fight

 After the pool we headed back to the beach.

Back at the condo and we all cleaned up.
Lauren enjoyed the view while air-drying her hair.
Pretty girl. 

 We knew we were leaving for home in the morning so we had to go out for one last evening stroll on the beach.
Love these two kiddos!

 And then it was back to the condo for some endless late night screen time.

Just an aside:
I can't stand glass top stoves.  They are impossible to keep clean. After using a white glass top in the condo I'm glad that I have a black glass top at least it disguises the scorch marks a bit more.

(Sorry housekeeping I didn't think to bring my razor blade and glass top cleaner on vacation.)

Day Four
Sadly I didn't take any pictures.
We loaded up all our belongings, checked out of #1205 and hit the road for home.  We stopped for a picnic lunch at the rest stop on the Florida and Alabama line.  I'm pretty sure all of Atlanta went to the Gulf Coast this weekend and all of Atlanta traveled back at the same time we did.  Holy Traffic Moly.
We eventually made it home safe and sound and were very excited to see Daddy again.
What a great little Momma and Kiddo vacation.

A huge thank-you to Matt for almost always being the definition of a good husband.
Responsible and Capable to the point that I can put my absolute trust in him and just hang back and "look pretty" but also Generous and Supportive to encourage us to go on this vacation when he wasn't able to and let me prove to myself that I can be strong and capable as well.
Love you Babe!

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