Sunday, April 6, 2014

This Year's Garden

Kudos to Last Year's Garden!
You totally beat me.
You won, I lost.

It started with Bambi attacking my tomato leaves

and then came the tomato worms.

It ended with the mosquitos, fire ants, chiggers and snakes.
Every time I went out to water/check-on/harvest the garden I came back having experienced the miserable "joy" of at least one of the above.

  This year I moved my garden to the back deck.

Yesterday, Matt and I planted lots of tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, jalapenos, cilantro and basil.
All in containers and elevated from the deer, fire ants, chiggers and snakes.
 They are all baby plants now but hopefully they'll grow and provide us with some delicious herbs and vegetables.

 PS.  On the way home from church today we stopped by PetSmart to buy an algae-eating fish.
Our fish tank is a-thriving which means algae is a-growing.
Our new fish "Windex" has plenty of work to do.


Gloria said...

Me thinks it's the end of another era. I don't see the sand table on the deck. Two someones are growing up too fast. Please tell me you just moved it downstairs!!

Good luck with the garden. It will make your deck look so nice - and you can tie up tall plants to the railing.

Christine said...

It was just bad camera angles. The sandbox is still there. We can't part with it just yet. =)