Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Matt goes to CHINA!

Matt is on a work trip to CHINA this week!!
How jealous am I that I can't go with him?!!

He almost didn't get to go because his Chinese Visa didn't arrive until the last minute.
(Fed Ex came just hours before his departure time.)

He somehow packed a week's worth of clothing and work stuff into two carry-on bags.
Where is he going to put all my gifts he buys me in China? 

We did one last check of the weather in Beijing .
not too shabby

And then he was off.
First Class from Atlanta to Seattle.
(the guy behind him obviously didn't want his picture taken)

And then business class from Seattle to Beijing.
He left Atlanta at 4pm EST Monday afternoon and arrived in Beijing at almost 10am EST Tuesday.
I got this text from him this morning. (Matt is gray.)

The crazy thing about Beijing is that it is exactly a 12 hour time difference from our house.  
So if it's 6pm my time it's 6am (the next day) Beijing time.

I told Matt to find out Wednesday's winning lottery ticket numbers and I'd go buy a ticket when I woke up. =)

 While the kids and I were eating dinner Matt sent me this text about his breakfast.

I told him to take a lot of pictures which I'll post when he gets home.
Stay Tuned

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