Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Game Truck Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Tyler's 8th Birthday with a Game Truck party.
A Game Truck is just what it sounds like.
It's a truck with a bunch of TVs in it and a ton of video games.
 It's every boys dream truck and for my Minecraft obsessed son it was perfect for his party!

The party started an hour before the Game Truck arrived so we had pizza and cake while we waited.
It was a decent day so we set everything up in the garage. 

I asked the bakery if they could do a Minecraft birthday cake and they said they "couldn't" because it was "copyrighted."  They could, however, do a cake with my suggestion of green grass fringe and crumbled Reese's for the sides.  
We already had plastic Minecraft figures that I just added to the cake.


The  Party People
They were such a great group of kids.
(I forgot the candles so he got to blow out a big red one.)


Finally the Game Truck arrived.
(Extreme Fun on Wheels if you want to check them out.)

While waiting for the final preparations the kids got their craziness out in the front lawn.

Finally it was GAME TIME!
This was the choice by most of the boys.
(A couple older boys chose Call of Duty and the younger girls seemed to prefer Super Mario and the movie Monsters Inc which was also playing on yet another TV.)

Video Game ZOMBIES

  While the children played inside the Game Truck, the grown-ups played some corn-hole outside.
(Had they wanted to they could have also played video games because there were tvs/consoles available outside.)

 Everyone had a great time and before we knew it our two hours with the Game Truck were up and parents came to pick up their kiddos.

When everyone left we went inside to open up the presents.
(Normally I would have Tyler open presents in front of his friends but I didn't dare take away time from their video games.)
Gifts Galore!

His own Minecraft Mug!
Check out his fantastic gifts!!
hashtag LEGOS
 Happy Birthday Tyler!
(You're one lucky kid!!)
(who has a ton of Thank-Yous to write)

PS.  Before the party started I told the kids I would like to keep everyone outside except for bathroom breaks.  Lauren volunteered to make a sign.
Thank you Lauren
(raw vs cooked dog poop...is there a difference?)

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