Thursday, February 13, 2014


It's Going Down

We lost half of a tree last night.
I went to bed before Matt and didn't hear a thing but he said he heard a "crack" but wasn't sure what it was.
This morning we woke up to Little Lonely missing his top half.

I call him Little Lonely because when they built our house they cleared out most of the "little" big trees but left this guy to sway in the wind with every storm.
The 1/2 inch ice accumulation was just too much for this little big guy.

I'm Yelling Timber

 Matt took the above pictures this morning but I went out this afternoon and took some more pictures of the fallen tree.
What a difference a few hours makes.
Hardly any snow/ice at all.
(and oh my gosh blue sky and SUN!)

You Better Move

After two full days of being stuck inside, our cabin fever got the best of us.
We ventured out for a delicious lunch at my latest favorite restaurant/obsession:  Zoes Kitchen.

I brought the camera with me just in case there were some downed trees to document.
For the most part the roads looked like this.
 Completely Clear

However we did see some huge fallen trees.
 You can't see in this picture but this tree that fell over had at least a 4-foot exposed root-base on the back end. (Does that description even make sense?)

We also saw some fallen trees that took down power lines.
Both of the following trees had power lines under them but you can't tell in the pictures.

You better Dance

I think for the most part we personally lucked out with this storm.  No power outage, no major damage to the house and every family member made it out alive.  The kids struggled a bit but somehow pulled through without seriously hurting one another.

The meaning of the bold italics here.


brian said...

Pitbull: He's so hot right now.

Anonymous said...

we need a vacation blog...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am waiting on the pictures from Orlando vacation.

Pam Allmon