Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow Jam 2014

An Ice Storm is supposed to hit us overnight tonight so before that happens I thought I should post about our last Southern Snow Storm from just two weeks ago.

Snow Jam 2014
(2 inches of snow crippled the State of Georgia)
(school was closed for 4 straight days)

The Interstates were a mess but T and L had a blast at the neighbor's house.

Snowballs Away!!
(Tyler, Lauren, Rock & Annika)

Rock and Lauren are ready to go.

Tyler, Lauren and Rock

Back at home we hiked around our wooded backyard.

It seemed like a winter wonderland.

We were followed by our wanna be dog...Romy the cat.

The crazy cat followed us everywhere.

He wasn't a fan of the semi-frozen pond though.

 the view from the backyard tree-line looking toward the house
Where's Waldo/Romy?

Here's a better Where's Waldo/Romy pic.
(crazy cat!)

My sweet Snow Angel.

Although the snow crippled the entire metro Atlanta area, I really enjoyed the extra days off with my children. 

Finally, on the last day of snow we were able to make our family of snowmen.
(Prior to that that snow had been too cold and dry.)
What a cute Snow Family.

The next morning I looked out the window and was confused by what I saw.
The house across the street from us is currently uninhabited but somehow a family of snowmen built themselves in the front yard.

I thought the snow family looked a little bit like our snow family...although a bit slimmer.
I then looked out the side window and found out our Snow Family had run away.
 While we were sleeping our snowman family apparently picked up from our side yard and relocated across the street.

 I think this is hysterical and I'm pretty sure one of our friends moved the snowmen across the street.  (No one has yet claimed responsibility.) 
Two Reasons:  #1:  A kid would have just kicked the snowmen over and called it a day.  #2:  These snow-dudes were kind of heavy.  It took time, concentration, and muscle to move them and reassemble them across the street.  
If you, dear reader, pulled it off...many kudos to you.  You made our day!

Now that I've caught you up to the last state of emergency in the State of Georgia we are just hours away from the next one.

Let's hope this Impending Ice Storm isn't as bad as everyone thinks it will be.

Stay warm y'all.

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