Wednesday, February 12, 2014

IcePocalypse 2014

IcePocalypse 2014

Oh Man!  I thought this was going to be bad.
I was picturing a week without power and maybe longer.
The weathermen were the first to scare me.
Doom and Gloom all the way.

Since school was cancelled for two days we stayed on top of our homework.
 They look all determined here but we had a number of meltdowns before our work was finished.

The Ice Storm definitely brought in some ice.
Look at the cute icicles on Matt's frozen car. 
 The trees in the backyard seem to be bowing uncomfortably at the weight of the ice.
Luckily, none of them are threatening the house.

The ice didn't persuade Romy to stay indoors. He meowed and clawed his way outside.
Crazy Dog Cat

In anticipation of losing power I brought all of our candles out.  I was pretty excited to use them but the dang power never went out.

So...I decided it would be fun to pretend the power went out and to live by candle-light like they did in the Little House on the Prairie Days.

The kids enjoyed this and minus the running TV I think we were pretty much historically accurate. (wink)

Knock on Wood the worst is over.  I'm so ready for summer!


Gloria said...

You probably mean minus the running TV AND the electric heat. Otherwise, I'm sure you were pretty close to Little House. So glad you didn't have major problems with the ice. Sounds like it will be warming up for you pretty soon

Anonymous said...

Ice isn't as fun as snow, except to Romy! Did the kids know about "Little House on the Prairie" or did you have to explain? G. Jan

Christine said...

Yes! Electric heat is a must. I'll pretend a power outage but the heat stays on. As for Little House on th Prairie...Lauren has read every book in the series and most of them twice. She knows more about Little House than I do. =)