Sunday, February 9, 2014

Matt the Macho Mechanic

So hey, I know I owe you all a good-long-fantastically-creative blog post.  But... it's not going to happen tonight.  It's been so long and I feel burned out.  My adorable kiddos don't want to pose for pictures anymore and I've just been busy (lazy.)
But to get back into the swing of things I will offer you this moment from our day.  

A Moment with Matt the Macho Mechanic.

He's been working on my (POC...similar to POS but I don't talk like that) car all afternoon.  He replaced all of my window wipers, wiper fluids, lift supports (struts?), and oil.

I decided to document all of his hard work with a photo.

He didn't think the photo I took above really captured all he did today.
He said, "Any jackwagon knows that nothing's being done at the back of the vehicle."
(but he was bending up the heat shield on the muffler because it vibrates and pisses him off annoys him)

Regardless, I let him move to the front of the vehicle and took his picture again.
I'm guessing this would be the oil change?

Check out those Macho Matt Mechanic legs sticking out!
Nothing jackwagon about those!

Now, moving on I give you this other moment from our day.

I gave Tyler his weekly REACH quiz.
He's learning his European countries and capitals and needs to know where they are on a map plus how to spell them correctly.
I numbered the countries on a blank map and had him write down the country and capital.

Not bad son, not bad!

I know this doesn't catch you up with all the latest happenings but I hope you enjoyed these moments from our day.
I will continue to Untangle our Life and get it posted.

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Brandon Auto said...

This day was definitely a good one! And it didn’t only benefit you; but your car and your son’s development as well. I hope every day is like this; fun and very productive. Cheers!

Brandon Auto