Thursday, July 16, 2015

May 2015 - End of School Activities

(The kids are currently at Camp Winshape for two weeks so I'm taking this time to get the blog caught up.)

May means school is winding down and that comes with all the end of year activities.

Field Day

This is a fun outdoor event where the kids rotate to different activity stations.
Some involve balls, ropes, scooters and the funnest, water! 

This was Lauren's last Field Day.

They gave all the 5th graders t-shirts with everyone's name on the back.
Awesome gift.
Class of 2022! 

Also in May, Tyler crossed over to Webelo 1 for Boy Scouts.
Way to go bud!
(his Mom forgot to have him wear his Class A uniform)

Finally, the last day of school arrived!
(to soon for me though)
It always amazes me how much they grow in a year. 
Walking to the bus together for the last time until 2017.

 The school does not do end of year parties for K-4.
They do have a Fifth Grade Honors Day program. 

I'm very proud of her and thankful I was able to attend.  Grammy was there too but Lauren was closing her eyes in that pic.

She did great this year as usual.
One of my favorite awards is the Citizenship Award.
A girl and boy from each class are voted by the classmates.  This isn't her first one.  ;)

 Not to be left out, Tyler had a FANTASTIC year as well.
(He said they didn't do a Citizen Award this year but I'm sure he would have gotten it.;) )

The 5th Grade parents organized a Cook-Out for the kids.
It was a fun and delicious way to with these kids the best of luck in middle school.

Jumbo Jenga

See Grammy really was here.

I can not believe the day has finally come and my oldest will be in middle school.
I'm excited to watch her grow and transition through this next phase of her life but mostly right now I want my little baby back.
Lauren's "ad" in the 5th grade yearbook

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