Tuesday, July 14, 2015

April Staycation

(The kids are currently at Camp Winshape for two weeks so I thought I'd take this time to get the blog caught up.)

Grandma Jan and Grandpa Michael came to visit us for a few days in April.  They brought along a couple of surprises...cousins Madison and Crisstopher!!  We knew they were coming but it was a surprise to M and C (who are Matt's sister's kiddos.)  This was their first trip to Georgia.

We only had a few days to spend with everyone so we stayed close to home.  We took advantage of the company condo in Atlanta and had ourselves a stay-cation in the ATL.  (I know, right?  Matt's company has a Condo and it's directly across the street from his office building!)

We had a lot of fun riding Marta and making our way around downtown by foot.  I wish I had taken more family pictures but I took enough to remember the occasion.  Enjoy!

Views from the CONDO.
It has a great view of the I-75/85 connector and also of Matt's work building (2nd photo.)
I think it's about the 14th floor.

Some down/family time in the condo.
(cool views out the windows)

(get it?  MadisonCrisstopher Cousins? No? ok.)

Crisstopher taking the Jelly Bean Challenge

We spent plenty of time outdoors:

the top of the roof condo pool

(The Atlanta Street Car, Marta, and a number of good restaurants, including Steamhouse, are not pictured but were enjoyed.)

When the weather forecast showed the imminent rain we made our way back to the condo.

Rain can't ruin our stay-cation.
We spent some quality family screen-time together before bed.
(kids and their electronics...sheesh!)

Thanks G'ma and G'pa for coming and bringing the MCcousins with you.  

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