Thursday, July 16, 2015

Grammy's Away

(The kids are currently at Camp Winshape for two weeks so I'm taking this time to get the blog caught up.)
My Mom and my Grandma Anna
(aka Grammy and GG to the kids)
are two hardcore, fearless, adventurous, and beautiful chicks!

On May 9, 2015 they rented this car...

loaded up their travel companion Mr. Buddy... 
took a selfy ...

and drove over 2700 miles from Oregon to Georgia!!
My Grandma doesn't drive anymore so my Mom (aka Super Woman) drove the entire way.
She also had to pump her own gas!
(It's against the law in Oregon.)

Their road trip took them through Idaho and they were able to visit Matt's Mom. 
(Grandma Jan to the kids.)

One last stop before heading on into Georgia was to drop GG off at my cousin's house in Tennessee where she will stay for a few weeks before we go pick her up.

After NINE days on the road she finally made it to Georgia!!

Other than being amazing, she was able to make this trip because she just retired after 75 something years of work.  (I think)

Time to put her feet up for 6 weeks and then we'll drive them home.
Stay tuned.

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