Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Update on my Muscle Man

One of Tyler's jobs is to take out the garbage and recycling every week.
This is a heavy and stinky job but he does it without complaint.
I'm proud of my Muscle Man.

skipping up the drive-way

As you most likely recall from my Mama Bear post, my little muscle man gets stuck (stutters/stammers/whateveryouwanttocallit) on his words and it's time we got him some help.

I've been in touch with his teacher and the speech therapist at school (so far I've chosen not to do anything with that yet) and also his Pediatrician.  His Pediatrician referred me to a private speech therapist and now I'm waiting for insurance to get all sorted out so we can start making some headway.

I chose to forego the speech therapy at school because I didn't want Tyler to be pulled out of class.  I thought this would target him for teasing about his stammer.
What I absolutely don't want is for him to stop talking for fear of being teased. 


After talking to Tyler today I'm not so sure about my choice to forego the school speech therapist.  I think I may want to do both (school and private therapy) if I can.

I have not previously mentioned any of my concerns to Tyler but today I asked him if he wanted me to find someone who could help him when he "gets stuck on words."

He said, "Yes, of course!  People tease me about that all the time."
(there goes my theory that he'd get teased if he got pulled out of class...he's already being teased "all the time")

I asked him what he said to those kids who teased him and he said he told them they aren't being nice.
I praised him on that response and then taught him the mantra I said when I was younger: 
"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me."

Words can hurt in certain ways though and now I'm thinking it would be in his best interest to take advantage of all resources.  (both School and Private Speech therapy) 

Thought's, Ideas, Suggestions, Encouragement???!!

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Anonymous said...

I say take advantage of both if you can. The schools are usually great, but if Tyler is up for more than go for it. Kids are amazing at bouncing back. As long as Tyler is liking school then the teasing isn't bothering him --Ellen