Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Panama City Beach

The kids were out of school on Friday and Monday so we took complete advantage and headed down to Panama City Beach, Florida for the long weekend.
Our timing was perfect!
Awesome weather, warm water, no crowds and just an all around relaxing vacation.
I did not want to go home.

Enjoy the photo dump.

Did I say perfect weather already?

Sun and Sand, yes please!

  We even got to watch a Duck game.

My Oregon Ducks played Matt's University of Washington Huskies but since he asked me to pack for him he had to be photographed in my choice of attire.
(He was a good sport and let me take a picture for social media purposes.)

 I'm not sure about you but I love condos and hotels.
I like to take pictures of them to remind myself of where we stayed.
Enjoy my condo tour (or don't and scroll through it.)

 The Majestic Tower One
One Bedroom Condo
view from the front door 

main bedroom

master bath (shower/tub to the right)

bunk beds and kids' bathroom


living room

view of living room & kitchen from the balcony

looking back to the front door



Lauren on the balcony




looking straight down

 Lauren posing with the crab decor

If you ask them they will say they didn't play much screen time at all...
 ...but the pictures may suggest another story.

 Even with all the extra naps and bonus screen time we had plenty of time for fun.

hot tubbin'

night swimmin'

(that's a big jump)

and lots of fun at Pier Park

well I think we're having fun??!

After a fun and relaxing long weekend it was SO HARD to leave this view.

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Gloria said...

So glad you got away for some family fun. Great photos!8