Sunday, December 9, 2012


I've been working with Lauren's school to get her some extra help with the Speech Language Pathologist because she has some trouble pronouncing her "R"s.  
Last year I met with the vice-principal and the speech pathologist and they gave me some tips to help Lauren out but didn't formally admit her into the program.
This year 'the powers that be' and 'her teacher and I' are going back and forth with whether she needs some extra help.

I say yes she does.

"Exhibit ONE and ONLY!"

For extra credit on her weekly spelling test she was asked to spell "arithmetic."
She heard the teacher say it but when she sounded it out in her head she came up with a "w" instead of an "r."

To me that IS an obvious indication that she needs some help with her "R"s.
But I suppose the school thinks she's doing just fine since she still got 102% on her spelling test.
(My answer to that though is that after a whole week of practice she obviously memorized the 20 words on her spelling test but actually had to sound out the extra credit words. B1 & B2) 

Teacher friends and fellow parents...what do you recommend?
Should I keep pushing for some extra help?
(I will anyway but I still want to hear what you have to say.)

On a lighter note:
Christmas Pictures were taken a few weeks ago.  I didn't buy any but thought I'd share the proofs with you.
Lauren:  such a sweety!

  Tyler:  with his Angry Birds hat.
The photographer pushed his hat straight up to see more of his face but in doing so got rid of the Angry Bird.
Awesome Photo!  =)

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Anonymous said...

I guess it wud be better to correct it now than wait too long. Jan