Saturday, December 22, 2012

My kids...Bless Their Hearts

After living in Georgia for SEVEN years I've learned quite a lot about life in the South.
...Yes Ma'am, Yes Sir...Collard Greens and Black Eyed Peas...Tea is always Sweet...the people are sweeter..etc. etc.

However, THE MOST important thing I've learned is that if someone says "Bless Your Heart" you better run the other way.

So kids, get to running because this post is about you...Bless Your Hearts!

My sweet little cherubs have been acting quite "ugly" lately.
("ugly" is a Southern term meaning "horribly mean")

They fight with each other every chance they get.
Don't get me wrong they do have their sweet moments but when they get tired of sweet it gets sour pretty fast.
They taunt, they tattle, they call each other names, they even hit and tackle when they are angry.

They also refuse to take sweet pictures for the camera anymore.
The first thing out of Tyler's mouth when confronted with the camera is, 
"Do not put this on the blog."

(but why, sweet boy?)

 All in all, I know they act like typical 6 and 8 year-old siblings.  
...Bless Their Hearts...

And I love them with all I have.

With that said, enjoy the latest pictures.

Tyler (jazz hands courtesy of Lauren)

 reading before he noticed me with the camera

after noticing the camera

talk to the hand

Lauren wants in on the action as well.
(partial rabbit ear courtesy of Tyler)

cutie pie!

I may get frustrated with L and T and complain from time to time but I really treasure them and treasure the memories we all make together.

The school Christmas parties were especially meaningful this year.

Lauren and her gingerbread house.

Tyler decorating a sugar cookie.

T making some "Reindeer Food"

Tyler being Tyler in front of the camera.
(will that tooth ever grow in?)

And Finally,
In light of recent events (the school shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut)  I found myself tearing up and emotional at Tyler's first grade Christmas party.  Just look at the laughter and fun being had by Tyler's classmates.  This is what first grade should be like.
How could someone choose to hurt those babies?

May God Bless the families of the victims and everyone else left with a hole in their heart.

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Anonymous said...

Bless your Heart sounds like Paula Deen to me! Your kids are so normal. Now that Criss "Talks" , he taunts Madison all the time & I love every word! Can't wait to see the kids! G. Jan