Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Funny Story

Don't worry all, I'm working on a Fall and a Halloween and even a Sleep-Over post but Matt came home with a story today that needs to be told first.  

Matt (being the important guy he is) attended the Southeast Biomass Conference & Trade Show in Atlanta. I know you've heard about it since (I imagine) all the big wigs attend it.  Like the big wig he is Matt valet parked his car.

The conference was I'm sure, informational, great, ground-breaking and all that good stuff I have yet bothered to ask Matt about.

After the conference he picked up his car and on his valet ticket stub he saw this:

the guy even left his phone number

Why wouldn't some random valet guy ask to buy his car?

Check it out!

even in the shade it's full of awesome
(and 3 out of 4 doors (and an equal number of windows) open)

check out the gas loving thrives!

the head shot

Who wouldn't want to buy this car?

Matt said he texted the guy so we'll see what happens.

 P.S.  Although I jest in this post I have to say we LOVE this car.  We got it at a great price (Thanks Grandma Jan) and it has been a very reliable source of transportation in its long 1992 Honda Civic life.


brian said...

If the sale goes through does Matt buy another Honda?

Christine said...

I don't think it will be a Honda. It will be something more like a "mid-life crisis" type of car. (Corvette?)

Anonymous said...

When you make the big bucks on the Honda, I want a cut!! Grandma Jan