Thursday, November 3, 2011

Conference Swag

I miss work trips and conferences.  To be more precise:  I miss Matt's work trips and conferences.  Before children and right up until they started school I traveled with Matt on his business trips as often as I could.  I've been all over the world (Canada, Brazil & Italy = the whole world) and all over the United States (Northwest and the Southeast.)  In the beginning, the conferences were lavish with top dollar entertainment (Huey Lewis and the News once played at a conference in Florida) and heavy on the swag (weekend get-a-ways, stereo systems, GPS units.)  Then the economy took a dive and the entertainment disappeared and the swag at conferences really took a hit (LED key chain lights, pens, stickers, and bouncy balls.)  

Things might be looking up though (at least for the Biomass industry.)  Check out the swag Matt came home with from the conference today.

His "Northern" co-worker from Michigan won this sweet Southern Set of Deliciousness.
She didn't want it (or didn't want to pay extra baggage fees to take it home) so she gave it to Matt
(Matt = ME!)
SCORE!  The cast-iron (pronounced "cast-arn") skillet is heavy! on the quality.
l-r:  alaBAMA jellys & peanut butter, tea (must add sugar,) Mr. P's Lemon Pepper, Dale's Steak Sauce, Sticky Fingers Carolina Classic BBQ Sauce, Angel Hair Slaw and Salad Dressing and you can't forget the Fish-Fri. 

Matt also swagged himself some real life trees (aka biomass?)  The one on the left is a Eucalyptus and the one on the right is (I spaced the name.)  He said they are both slightly tropical trees so they will spend the Fall and Winter indoors with us.
Wish them luck!

He said he could have brought home a lot more trees but he could only fit the two in his car.

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Anonymous said...

I still want a cut when you sell that highfalutin Honda!!! Grandma Jan