Friday, February 25, 2011

Grammy's Busy Week

When Grammy arrived in Georgia it looked like this.
(It melted the next day.)
Interestingly, when Grammy went back to Oregon two weeks later the Georgia temps were in the 70s but there was an inch or two of snow in Oregon. Crazy!
While Matt and I were tasting our way through San Francisco and Napa Valley, Grammy and the kiddos had a whole week, a busy week, to themselves.

Tyler was his sweet little self

oh wait...this is the picture of Tyler being his sweet little self

I have a feeling they did A LOT of this

and A LOT of that.
("Screen Time" limits do not apply when Grammy is in charge.)

They also got to sleep in whatever bed they wanted.
(Mommy and Daddy's bed)

It may look all fun and games but we left Grammy with a busy to-do list for the weekend.

There was a birthday bowling party.

Tyler needed help with his "Z" homework.
The boy is supposed to cut out his own pictures but he talked Grammy into cutting them out for him. Gotta love those Grammys.

We left Grammy in charge of passing out the Valentine's Day gifts.

She did receive a special gift from Matt and I.
Look Again by Lisa Scottoline

She was also in charge of attending the children's school Valentine's Day parties.

(Happy Valentine's Day to my Snuggle Bug.)

and Lauren's
(I love you sweet girl.)

Tyler got to come to Lauren's party and they all had a blast making their own ice-cream sundaes.

They all had a big bite of fun with Grammy while Matt and I were in California for the weekend.

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