Friday, August 8, 2014

Weekly Menu 8-9-2014

Matt and the kids are at Taekwondo so I have some extra time alone to plan and post next week's menu.  The picture above is my thought process.  I search on-line or in my cookbooks for recipes, assign them a day on an index card, write down everything I need and finally organize it on my grocery list.  I'm sure there's an app for all of that but this is how I prefer to do it.  ;)

Weekly Menu 8-9-2014

Saturday: Chicken and Orzo Soup & biscuits
(I just discovered the Iowa Girl Eats blog and love it so far!)

Monday:  left-overs or pantry meal
Tuesday:  Pork Chops and Applesauce & salad
Saturday:  Key West Grilled Chicken Sandwich & Grilled Avocados

I'm pretty excited for next week's eats!

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Anonymous said...

Your blog is so good, I enjoy it so much, the recipes are great!