Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Camp Winshape 2014

Camp Winshape 2014

This is our second year with Winshape Camps and I absolutely love it.
The kids were there for two weeks in July and they both had a lot of fun, grew in their faith, and became more independent and confident.  Plus, Matt and I got some time to go to NYC and practice being empty nesters.

Of course, the kids were both nervous to go.  Tyler didn't show his nerves on the outside but we could tell he was a bit anxious.  The night before camp he had a nightmare and walked in his sleep. In the weeks (months?) leading up to camp Lauren, on the other hand, would ask her Dad and I if there was anything she needed to worry about with Camp Winshape.  She asked this every. single. night.  Most often with tears in her eyes.
Matt being the more patient parent calmly answered all her questions and calmed her fears.  He even wrote out her worries with a list of suggestions.  She kept this in her journal she took to camp.  Don't you wish Matt was your dad?

I truly believe this helped her immensely.  There were some tears when we dropped her off but she quickly recovered and really had a great time.  We were blown away by how much more confident they were when we picked them up.  They were talking a mile a minute about all the fun they had at camp.

With all that said let's get to the important stuff.  The pictures!

Tyler in his bunk.
No tears from this guy but I thought he may have been close.

Settled in and ready to go.

Lauren with her cabin mate and softball friend Abbie.

On her bunk

They were so busy having fun, going on adventures, playing sports, swimming, crafting and learning about Jesus that there was no time to be worried, scared or sad.
Check them out!



As it is with all good things, they eventually must come to an end.  And after two weeks I was sure ready to see these two faces again.
We picked them up on Family Friday, watched their closing ceremonies and enjoyed Chick-fil-A for lunch on the campus.

Tyler's counselor told me that T accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior at camp.
Way to go Tyler!!
We're all looking forward to next year.

To celebrate the end of camp we went to the Braves game that evening. 
looking very Brave-y

It definitely wasn't a full house but it was fun to watch and the Braves won.
The best part was just hanging out as a family.


Gloria said...

Such a wonderful opportunity and something to look forward to next year. Every year they will come home even more confident and accomplished. Looks like Tyler was mastering that pottery wheel. Fun Fun Fun!!

Dyann said...

What a great idea & so glad they had a good time. Looks like a blast!!!
Tell them both hi for Mema & Papa.
Has school started yet?