Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Vacation 2014: Garden Valley, Idaho

The kids and I actually spent a couple of days with Grandma Jan and Grandpa Michael in Boise before heading to Garden Valley to visit Papa and MeMa but I'll talk about them in my next post about our Boise Vacation.

Our time spent in Garden Valley was all about the great outdoors.
Lauren and Tyler had a lot of brand new First Time experiences.

We are lucky we get to explore the great outdoors of Garden Valley from PaPa and MeMa's beautiful home.  I'm sure you remember reading about this home in the July 2007 issue of Country's Best Log Homes!
We never get tired of taking pictures of it when we visit.

The view out back isn't bad either.
Especially if this pretty girl is sitting on the porch.

MeMa and Lauren looking for wildlife.

We started our days with a walk around the neighborhood with Barrett the bullmastiff.
(Yes, this is their neighborhood.)

After breakfast and our morning walks were finished we headed outdoors to do some outdoorsy stuff.

We explored all over the hills as far as the eye can see.
Sometimes MeMa and I would stay at the house while the men took the kids out.

And other times we would all head out together.
Tyler with PaPa, Lauren with MeMa, and me with Matt
 After a few rides as passengers on the 4 Wheelers Lauren and Tyler wanted to learn to drive on their own.
Daddy was brave enough to teach them.
Here's video of them learning to ride.
First time driving a 4 wheeler!


There is a little pond down the road from PaPa and MeMa's so we took advantage and did some canoeing and fishing.  MeMa and I took advantage of the soft grass and plopped ourselves down.
First time in a canoe!
PaPa caught this fish but Lauren wanted to hold it before throwing it back.

Check out Tyler fishing from the dock with help from PaPa.
He caught his first fish!

One day we took our fishing poles and drove about an hour up in the mountains to Lowman, Idaho.
Beautiful views!

After lunch at the Sourdough Lodge we found some ponds to do a little fishing.
We were excited to learn that Fish and Wildlife had just stocked the ponds with thousands of fish.
Lauren caught her first fish!
In fact, everyone caught a fish or ten on this trip.  Even I caught a fish, but unfortunately I'm the one taking the pictures.
Memories from this particular fishing trip:
1.  Lauren caught the first fish of the day. However, her fish completely swallowed the worm and after Daddy finally got it out it started to swim upside down and in circles.  Lauren being the sweet sensitive soul that she is got very upset saying she didn't want the fish to die.  (it did)  We gave the fish to another fisherman who was keeping some fish to eat so hopefully that made her feel a little better.  Unfortunately, her fishing for the day was over as soon as it began.
2.  Matt somehow got a fishing hook stuck clear in his thumb.  His Dad had to get it out for him.
3.  Barrett, not wanting to miss out on his catch, saw a fish swimming by the shore and decided he was going to go for it.  Barrett's youthfulness and solid 160 pound frame is no match for anyone trying to stop him with the leash. Especially Dyann who weighs quite a bit less than him.  So, when Barrett went in the water so did MeMa.  I was across the lake watching so I laughed out loud!  Lauren who was next to her told me she tried to wait until MeMa started laughing too.  Here's a picture of her soaked jeans after the fact.

 There is an outdoor shooting range (picnic table and a field dug into a hill) near PaPa and MeMa's house and L and T were both excited to shoot up some cardboard boxes.
First time shooting a gun!
(not a BB gun like they shot at boy scout camp)
They both had a pretty decent shot!

 The morning we were going to head back to Boise the kiddos begged and begged for one more chance to ride the 4 Wheelers.
Daddy and PaPa were happy to ride along with them.
(kitchen window view - hummingbird and the 4 wheelers) 

They've improved and gotten quite confident I must say.


On our way back to Boise Matt said he really misses doing all these outdoor activities.  Four Wheeling, Canoeing, Fishing, Shooting etc. etc.  We need to make more of an effort to get outside and have fun.  I'm pretty sure we can do all these things in Georgia even though it's more fun with family. 

What a great visit with PaPa and MeMa and the kiddos will remember it as the summer of many firsts!


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Dyann said...

Great pics Christine!!! Glad the kids had fun. We did too. And I'm so glad you didn't video Barrett pull me into the water!