Friday, April 3, 2015

On to the NINES

Happy 9th Birthday Tyler!

Look at my little Baby Blue.
Looking at those blue eyes makes me want to scoop him up in my arms.

At nine years old he's a lot heavier and less compliant than he was six years ago.

To celebrate to the NINES we started off with a family party on his actual birthday.
When he came home from school he saw this extensive gift arrangement.
(I reuse gift bags and tissue paper so if some seem familiar, they most definitely are.)

As the birthday boy, Tyler got to choose whatever he wanted for dinner.
fried chicken, mac'n cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy
(Why don't they ever choose any of my many homemade dishes?)

Lauren had a softball game later that evening so we got the festivities rolling early.
After dinner we sang Happy Birthday over some fancy birthday cupcakes.

Then it was time for PRESENTS!
He's into Tanks lately thanks to this game on his iPAD so he got a couple of Lego/Mega Block tank building kits along with clothes, a football, an over the door basketball hoop and lots of birthday money.
His gifts were all to the NINES!

Afterwards, we immediately got to work on some tank building.
(Lauren went on to win her game by the way)

The Friday after his birthday we celebrated with a party at SpeedZone which is a Slot Car Racing heaven.  The boys Tyler invited from the neighborhood all rode with us to the party.  
Before we left we let them get some energy out on the trampoline.

Finally we were on our way.  Rock tried to hide from the camera but I'm just too good.  I got him!

Party Time!
Racers, start your engines.
They raced slot cars in between pizza time, cake time and present time.
It was a fun party.

Pizza Time

Pizza Time

Cake Time
(I almost forgot to snap a picture)

Present Time
(more birthday money, a Lego set, a tank and a Game Stop gift card)
He's one lucky NINE year old.

 Instead of sending the party guests home with a gift bag of candy and trinkets I bought $5 Lego car sets and a pack of gum for each guest.

After the party, the neighborhood friends stayed over to build their cars.

Tyler had fun, everyone had fun, and I'm in disbelief that my blue eyed baby is already to the NINES!

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