Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

 Thanksgiving 2014
(Today is actually Christmas Eve so it's about time I get the Thanksgiving post out of the way.
It was a fun occasion and I want to get it onto the family blog.)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
We enjoyed our traditional Thanksgiving celebration which included a visit from Cousin Kelly, a bit of football, and a bunch of ridiculously yummy food.  
Keep scrolling for food pics and linked recipes.

Lauren helped with the Deviled Egg appetizers.
She loves to help in the kitchen and I love that she does!
They were tasty.

 Olives and pickles are an appetizer MUST! 

(I forgot to take an after picture but it doesn't look that much different after an hour in the oven except I took the Saran wrap off.)

Cooked green beans with bacon...can't go wrong with that.

Mashed Potatoes with gravy (gravy not pictured.)

(oh my yumm!)

Cranberry from a can.
(Matt likes this.)

Cooked on the Traeger this year.
L and T both enjoyed the turkey's legs.
Super tasty!

Table is set and she is ready to eat!

We ate our hearts out but of course left room for dessert.

It looks tasty but somehow I baked it way too long.
Anyone for toasty crispy blackened pecans?

The other desserts turned out much better.
and my favorite recipe for

It is hard living away from family (especially during the holidays) but I think it is important to instill family traditions none the less.
Thanks Cousin Kelly for being a huge part in our family Thanksgiving tradition.

PS.  When you tire of left-over turkey sandwiches try this.

Oh my YUMM!


Jan Hoke said...

Your dinner looked so good. It's very cool that Lauren likes to help in the kitchen! Now you are ready to post your Christmas dinner pictures and activities!

Hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas!

Gloria said...

Looks like I missed a good Thanksgiving Dinner. Will try to make it next year.