Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fall Festival 2014 and Why My Husband Rocks #345

Every year Lauren and Tyler's elementary school hosts a Fall Festival.  This is a fun fundraiser for the school with games, food, bouncy houses, vendors, and much more.  To make this festival happen we depend on parent volunteers for the different activities.  Since I didn't have to be a Room Mom this year I decided to volunteer for anything and everything I could.  For the Fall Festival I signed up for both the Hair Painting and Cotton Candy booth.

After I worked at the Hair Painting booth
(I apologize to all of you parents of blond haired kids because if your kid insisted on Red spray paint, I did NOT tell them, "uh, that might not wash ever.")

Matt offered to work the Cotton Candy booth so I could watch the kiddos play some games.  

And here you have Reason #345 Why My Husband Rocks.
He didn't have to work at the booth and get completely coated in cotton and candy.

But he did!
Check out the cotton or is it the candy hanging off his arm.

Meanwhile I got to hang out with L and T.
Here's a pic of them smashing the stacked milk bottles.

 It was a fun filled, yummy tummy, sunny day.
One for the memory books.
(Big thanks to Matt for working the dreaded Cotton Candy booth.)

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